Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a guiding and facilitating body to ensure links with similar activities and provide technical advise to the Management Team.

Management Team

The Management Team consists of the work package leaders and one representative of each partnering organization. It oversees the overall mission, sets policies, determines the process, strategic goals and objectives, and monitors the growth of the Network.

The Brighton Collaboration Foundation leads and coordinates the work within the project. It enables the Management Team to fulfil its function, facilitates collaboration between the work packages to efficiently achieve the project’s goals, manages day to day tasks to meet the project’s objectives, and assists the work packages in realizing the scientific targets.

Work Packages

The work packages will work towards the respective objectives and perform the activities leading to the products specified for each Work Package. The work package leaders are responsible for coordination of work within each work packages and for the timely delivery of products.

Associate Partners and Consultants

Each work package will identify relevant professionals in European Member States in order to expand the Network of participants on the national and regional level. Institutes coordinating Work Packages or conducting studies will be considered associate partners. A preliminary list of Associate Partners is shown on page 10. Other, additional participants in Work Packages or collaborators in studies will be considered consultants. Further recruitment will focus on inclusion of further members from new member states.