Overview of harmonized disease codes

JERBOA Disease and codes

READ GPRD: F4H3.00, F4H3000, F4H3z00, A36y000, F4H3200, FyuJ100, A94y400
ICD-9: 377.3
ICD-10: H46
ICPC: F05, F94, F83, N94 (algorithm validation required)

Generalized Convulsions (CONV)
READ GPRD: F255400, F255300, F255500, F251011, F251500, 1JA0.00, F255200, F255600, F255100, 1B27.00, F132100, F255y00, F255z00, F255.00, F254z00, F251y00, F25yz00, F25y.00, 282Z.00, 282..00, 2827.00, 282..13, 282..11, F132z12, F255012, F254300, F257.00, F25A.00, F255000, 1B64.00, F251600, F251000, F250.00, F251z00, F251.00, F255011, 1B6B.00, F251400, F251300, F251200, F250200, F250300, F25z.00, O30.00, F25..00, 1B64.11, F254500, Fyu5100, Ryu7100, R003z11, R003300, R003011, R003y00, R003100, R003000, R003.00, R003z00
ICD-9: 780.3, 345, 779.0, 344.89
ICD-10: R56, G40, P90,G41
ICPC: N88, N07 (with additional algorithm)

Anaphylaxis unspecified causes (ANAI)
ICD-9: 995.0
ICD-10: T78.2, T782
ICPI: A12, A99

Anaphylaxis known causes (bee’s etc) (ANAK)
READ-GPRD: SN59300, SN59400, SN50100, SN50000, SP34.00
ICD-9: 995.2, 995.3, 995.4, 995.6, 999.8, 999.4
ICD-10: T80.5, T78.0, T805, T88.6
ICPI : A84, A85 (plus algorithm)

ENCO Encephalitis (myelitis) other causes (unknown)
READ-GPRD: A130300, A136.00, A136000, A136z00, A361.00, AD00.00, F03..00, F031.00, F032011, F033.00, F033000, F033011, F033111, F033400, F033411, F033z00, F034.00, F035.00, F035z00, F036.00, F036100, F036200, F036z00, F03y.00, F03z.00, F212.00, A413.00, A413.11, F03X.00, Fyu0500, A560100, F03..00, F03..11, F03y.11, F03y.12, F03z.11, F286.15, F286.16
ICD-9: 323.51, 323.61, 323.62, 323.7, 323.81, 323.9, 049.8, 036.1, 046.3, 330.8
ICD-10: G36 (excluding G36.0), G04

ENCV Encephalitis viral causes
READ-GPRD: A4y0.00, A4zy000, A4zy100, A4zy200, A4zy500, A4zz.11, A520.00, A531400, A543.00, A550.00, A62..00, A620.00, A621.00, A622.00, A623.00, A624.00, A62y.11, A63..00, A630.00, A63y000, A722.00, AE20.00, Ayu8B00, F030.00, F030200, F030211, F030400, F030411, F030500, F030511, F030611, F030800, F030900, F030911, F030A00, F030z00, F035000, F035011, F035100, ZV73512
ICD-9: 323.4, 136.2, 056.01, 130.0, 054.3, 049.0, 094.1, 072.2, 013.0, 062.4, 323.0, 049.9, 062.8, 062.9,062, 045.0
ICD-10: A86, A83

Vasculitis (VASC)
READ-GPRD: G76B.00, G766.11, G767.00, A931.00, G755100, AD61.00, G758.00, C332100, G752.00, G752z00, J072500, F371100, G75..00, G750.00, G75z.00, D310000, G757.00, G754.00, G751000, G755.00. G755z00, N200.00, Nyu4100
ICD-9: 448.9, 447.6, 447.6, 136.1, 273.2, 287.0, 443.1, 362.18, 448.9, 437.4, 446
ICD-10: I77.6, M35.2, D89.1, M30*, D69.0, I73.1, M05.2, L95, M31
ICPI: K99, K92, K94

Guillain Barre (GBS)
READ-GPRD: F370.00, F370000, F370100, F370200, F370z00
ICD-9: 357.0, 357.8
ICD-10: G61.0
ICPI: N94.1

Demyelinating disease (DMD)
READ-GPRD: F20..00, F200.00, F201.00, F202.00, F20z.00, F21..00, F21y.00, Fyu4.00, Fyu4100
ICD-9: 341 (except 341.2), 340
ICD-10: G36.0, G37.2, G35, G37.9

Transverse myelitis (TM)
READ-GPRD: F03..13, F037.00, F037000
ICD-9: 341.2, 323.63
ICD-10: G37.3
ICPI: narratives

Bells Palsy (BP)
READ-GPRD: 2BR6.00, F31..00, F310.00, F31y.00, F31yz00, F31z.00
ICD-9: 351.0, 351.9, 781.94
ICD-10: G51.0, G51.9

Thrombocytopenia (THROM)
READ-GPRD: 42P2.00, 42P2.11, C391211, D312.00, D313.00, D313.12, D313.15, D313000, D313012, D313111, D313200, D313300, D313y00, D313z00, D313z11, D314.00, D314100, D314y00, D314z00, D315.00, Dyu3200, G756100,
ICD-9: 279.12, 283.11, 284.1, 446.6, 287.3, 287.5, 287.4, 776.1
ICD-10: D69.6, D59.3, D61, M31.1, D69.3, D82.0, D69.5, D69.4
ICPI: B82, B83

Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH)
READ-GPRD: J63B.00, J614111
ICD-9: 571.42, 571.49
ICD-10: K75.4, K73.2
ICPI: D13, D72, D97 (with algorithm)

Sudden Unexpected death (SUD)
READ-GPRD: No codes (algorithm used)
ICD-9: 798
ICD-10: R96, R95, I46.1, R98
ICPI: No codes (algorithm used)