Roles and responsibilities


All participating individuals and organizations in theVAESCO Project shall work together efficiently towards the achievement of the Projects mission, its annual goals, and objectives. All participants provide all labor, equipment, materials, and supplies to support the work in accordance with the respective responsibilities and tasks listed below.

Steering Committee

The role of the Steering Committee is to act as a guiding and facilitating body to the Vaccine Safety in Europe project.
The Committee will have the following tasks:

  • To ensure links with other similar activities globally (e.g. Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, WHO, Immunization Safety Office of CDC, FDA etc)
  • To provide advice on key technical aspects of the Vaccine safety in Europe: Improving systems for reporting and evaluating potential adverse events following immunization (AEFI) in the European Union and EEA/EFTA project
  • To provide advice and guidance regarding planning and development of the succeeding Work Packages
  • To provide advice and guidance in the identification of priorities and management of risks within the overall scope of the project
  • To monitor the progress and outcomes of the project
  • To provide advice on the quality of deliverables and maintain a high scientific quality committed to public health
  • To facilitate that the outcomes of the project are considered in the wider European public health agenda
  • To share information

Management Team

Members of the Management Team:

  • Carry out the mission of the project
  • Determine the strategic goals and objectives of the project
  • Set policies and process of the Project
  • Monitor the growth of the collaboration.
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to the work packages
  • Set up contacts to enhance participation in the project
  • Promote collaboration with other organizations
  • Encourage the use of VAESCO documents, tools, methods, results
  • Set annual performance measures
  • Attend in-person Management Team meetings at least once a year
  • Participate in monthly teleconference meetings of the Management Team
  • Review all pertaining documents prior to Management Team meetings
  • Review and comment on meeting minutes
  • Take on assigned action items


Members of the Secretariat work together to:

  • Support the Management Team in achieving the projects mission and its annual goals and objectives
  • Develop and implement policies, process, and strategic plans
  • Oversee the structure and process of the Collaboration
  • Identify the need for reorganization and recommend changes
  • Participate in regular teleconferences and in-person meetings of the Management Team
  • Develop and implement strategies to increase participation in the project
  • Interface between the Management Team nd other participants in the project
  • Develop and implement work plans for participants
  • Increase efficiency of the overall process and harmonization of outcomes by coordinating work across and within projects
  • Develop strategies for implementation of VAESCO documents, tools, methods, results
  • Measure and promote acceptability and use of VAESCO documents through surveys and evaluation studies
  • Develop and implement plans to distribute information about the project
  • Establish relations with other organizations
  • Evaluate annual performance of the Collaboration
  • Prepare monthly teleconference meetings of the Management Team
  • Prepare minutes of all Management Team meetings and follow up on action items.
  • Provide monthly progress reports to the Management Team

Work Package Leaders & Coordinators

The Work Package Leaders

  • Ascertain that the work within the working groups is being carried out in accordance with VAESCO policies and processes
  • See that the objectives of the work packages are met within set timelines
  • Facilitate work package participants to work together efficiently
  • Prepare all teleconference and in-person meetings of work packages
  • Prepare minutes of all work package meetings and follow up on action items
  • See to the completeness and availability of relevant literature for review by the working groups
  • See to the timely availibility of VAESCO documents, tools, methodology, results
  • Develop surveys for review of VAESCO documents, tools, methodology, results
  • Participate in the analysis of surveys and present results to Work Package participants
  • See to the finalization of documents, tools, methodology, results

Work Package Participants

Work Package Participants

  • Respond to discussions initiated by email and participate in monthly teleconferences.
  • Address action items arising from each call.
  • Agree on a team leader, who chairs discussions and prepares draft documents.
  • Contribute to the development of VAESCO documents, tools, methods, results
  • Recommend and contact individuals and organizations to serve as Reference Group volunteers to evaluate the documents, tools, methods, results
  • Revise draft documents, tools, methods, results according to comments from the Reference Group.
  • Finalize and promote implentation of documents, tools, methods, results

Reference Group including Country Focal Points

The Reference Group, Consultants and Country Focal Points

  • Enroll in the VAESCO email list to be notified about the availibility of draft documents, tools, methods, results for review
  • Review draft documents, tools, methods, results and complete corresponding surveys
  • Are available for discussions via teleconference or email
  • Assist with implementation and use of finalized documents, tools, methods, results
  • Report on experience with implementing VAESCO documents, tools, methods, results